ISBE Newsletter Spring/Summer 2019

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Vol 31 Issue 1

The latest issue is now available for download and includes all the regular features (Editorial, Society News and Book/Conference Reviews). 

Upcoming events/conferences and positions available are updated online as notices are submitted and can be accessed from the main menu above.

Andreas Svensson


Book Reviews

Reviews are generally solicited by the Editors as new books arrive at the office, and are deemed to be of interest to the society.  Persons involved in the publishing of books who would like these to be considered for review in the Newsletter may contact the Editors and arrange for their publisher to forward a review copy to this office.  Authors may submit a list of possible reviewers.  Alternately, members who wish to review a particular text should contact the Editors.  The Editors will provide reviewers with instructions and a style sheet.  Reviews are typically 1500-2000 Words. 

Spotlight on... 

This is a new initiative to introduce advanced postgraduate students and recent post-docs and their research interests to the society.  Individuals can nominate themselves or others to be highlighted in upcoming issues by emailing the Editor.  To be eligible for the spotlight, you must hold a membership with the society.  The aim of this initiative is to highlight several researchers within each issue.  Contact the Editor for details on submissions. 

Workshop/Conference Reviews

Workshop and/or Conference reviews should be prepared in one of the following two formats.  Brief synopses (max 1500 words) may be submitted by either participants or conference organizers at the regular newsletter deadlines. These can include synopses of workshops that will be published in more detailed accounts (book or special journals), and should include information as to where the information will be published.  Longer reports (max 3000 words) will be considered from large workshops/conferences for which other publications are not stemming.  The purpose of the latter format is to provide a venue to disseminate information and discussions that would otherwise not be available to non-conference participants.  Anyone attending such a workshop and wishing to publish in the Newsletter should contact the Editors at least one month prior to submission deadlines.  Reports should aim at a critical assessment of the conference, as well as a synthesis of the convergent ideas presented.  A synopsis of future directions of research that were reached at the end of the conference should also be included.  Anyone attending the workshops may submit reports, but preference will be given to submissions not authored by conference organizers.  A single application for a workshop will be considered, so it may be appropriate to agree upon a reporter at the conference.  Graduate students and postdocs are strongly encouraged to consider contributing to writing these reports.  


Responses to commentary articles published in the newsletter or articles eliciting discussion on topics relevant to the society will be considered for publication.  Authors of such articles should contact the Editors at least one month prior to regular submission deadlines to outline the content of the article.  The Editors may request submission of the article earlier than regular deadline should outside reviewing be deemed necessary. 


Cartoonists and other artists are encouraged to submit artwork , either in hardcopy, or as TIFF or high resolution (300 dpi) GIF files.  All cartoons published in the newsletter will be credited to the illustrator.

Deadlines for submission to the Spring newsletter will be 1 March each year
Deadlines for submission to the Autumn newsletter will be 1 Sept each year


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ISBE Newsletter Editors

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2014-present Andreas Svensson